Medical Specialists Associated has temporarily stopped scheduling regular office visits.  Given the current COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, we believe this is in the best interest of our patients and staff.  We support our government and the Centers for Disease Control’s approach, limiting unnecessary contact with those that are infected or potentially infected. 

We are still here to care for you and have retained our staff to meet your needs.  We are engaging new methods, including telemedicine, to help take care of you.  We will continue to take your phone calls, communicate with your other doctors, refill your medications, and advise you on health issues.  We are simply asking you to postpone any routine or non-urgent care.  We will see you as needed. 

If you need us, please initiate an encounter through your Patient Portal.  You can access that on your smart phone with the Healow application or by clicking the “Patient Portal” button on the next page of this website.  Simply send us a message.  We will handle it during our regular business hours. 

If you don’t use your portal or smart phone app, or if you have urgent need, then call and leave your provider a message.  Dial 214-692-8541 and follow the prompts to get to your provider as you may have done in the past.  We remain “on-call” 24 hours each day including weekends and holidays.    

Of course, if you believe you have an emergency, dial 911 and allow the paramedics to direct you to the appropriate next level of care.  That’s better than trying to drive yourself to the closest Emergency Department.  Please visit for more advice and information about our current epidemic.  You can also visit

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